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19 Sep 2016

Rethink “Content” Marketing

When the crew here at LENS first started our brand-building careers in the infancy of what is now called Action Sports (specifically the skateboard/snowboard/surf industry), there was no such thing as “content marketing”. In fact, the traditional rules of marketing didn’t really exist in that world either. Sure, there were marketing departments, and we managed things like […]

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16 Sep 2016
Lens Pirate Flag

The Friday Five

Every Friday we’re sharing 5 articles that we’ve read during the week that we think are interesting. Most relate to marketing or branding, others are just plain thought provoking. In this week’s Friday Five, among other things you’ll learn why daydreaming is good for your brain, how shoes can me made of carbon emissions, and why talking like […]

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04 Sep 2016

How to Name Your Business or Product

Naming your business is one of the most important decisions you will make for your company and can be a key factor in its success. In fact, in the beginning it can feel like the name IS your brand. I mean, after your product it’s all that you have. If it’s not perfect your brand will […]

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