23 Sep 2016
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The Friday Five

The five articles that we’re highlighting this week cover the gamut of customer communication. From Google’s new messaging app Allo (which comes with it’s own AI assistant), to the way’s millennials are changing their shopping habits, the quest for better and more meaningful brand-to-customer engagement continues to evolve.

Communication – Google has rejoined the messaging wars with its artificially intelligent app, Allo

Social Media – 10 Top Social Media Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Advertising – Instagram catches half a million advertisers

Content Marketing – The 5 Surprising Skills You Should Look For In a Content Marketer

Retail – 4 Millennial Shopping Trends Your Business Needs To Keep Up With


Joe is a senior brand and marketing strategist with 15+ years of experience building brands in the sport and outdoor lifestyle consumer goods markets. Joe has been instrumental in the growth of industry-leading organizations by identifying key opportunities and developing comprehensive brand growth strategies.

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