16 Sep 2016
Lens Pirate Flag

The Friday Five

Every Friday we’re sharing 5 articles that we’ve read during the week that we think are interesting. Most relate to marketing or branding, others are just plain thought provoking. In this week’s Friday Five, among other things you’ll learn why daydreaming is good for your brain, how shoes can me made of carbon emissions, and why talking like a pirate on Monday will get you free donuts. Enjoy.

Trends – The Future of Luxury 

Creativity – 7 Surprising Facts About Creativity, According To Science

Marketing – Free Krispy Kreme Donuts On Monday For Customers Who Are Vaguely Pirate-Like

Innovation – An energy company just debuted a shoe made from power plant emissions

PR – 10 Reasons Why Your Startup Isn’t Getting Any (Or The Right) Press


Joe is a senior brand and marketing strategist with 15+ years of experience building brands in the sport and outdoor lifestyle consumer goods markets. Joe has been instrumental in the growth of industry-leading organizations by identifying key opportunities and developing comprehensive brand growth strategies.

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